I’m working on a story right now. The working title is “Some Call It Dreamland” and it follows a special operations group as they go through some negotiations, threats, etc. The hitch in their giddyup is that someone saw something they weren’t supposed to. But they decide he could be an asset, so they’re training this new guy, have these missions, not to mention one of them is over a hundred years old, another is an alien, and the last two serve as the yinyang. Technically speaking they’re all girls, except for the new dude, but the alien’s just girl body, doesn’t really know that kinda shit. That’s just the combat team. With them is these two science dudes, one who doesn’t think just does shit, the other who over thinks, which means they work well together. And then there’s the weapons expert, who’s father was a major badass in combat, but he hates combat because he doesn’t want to be known as his father’s son, but rather his own man. And the whole division is headed by this badass chick who’s a mom, and that’s usually a really difficult thing to do in this career path, but they don’t doubt her, and she’s really like all their moms, putting them in check and such. And I mean really, there’s gonna be like no romance and that makes me happy because I hate writing romance. The only romance is gonna be like Morgan seducing his way into combat. Yeahhhhh.